Case Study:

16 Applicants/ week for Financing


We partnered with two finance companies to help them secure loan applicants on a weekly basis. They aimed to target roofing, HVAC, and similar industries. While this might seem straightforward, it posed challenges due to high interest rates and the need for reliable financial solutions.


  • Dual Company Collaboration: Working with two companies simultaneously, offering the same services to the same industries within a short timeframe, provided us with a unique A&B testing opportunity. We could test multiple approaches in a compressed time period.
  • Encouraging Application Submissions: An apparent challenge emerged when even interested prospects hesitated to fill out the application form. Despite the simplicity of the application, we needed to address reluctance and follow up effectively.
  • Strategy And Solution:

  • Conducting extensive market research, understanding prevailing interest rates and daily team discussions gave us a partial understanding of the scenario.
  • We initially developed over 15 different initial email templates. After refining our approaches further, we narrowed it down to 6 distinct templates. Out of these, we planned to utilize 3 per company, tracking which ones yielded better results. These templates varied based on our goals: some aimed at garnering applicants, some at scheduling meetings, and others at simply capturing attention.
  • Additionally, we diversified our focus by targeting multiple niches. We scraped data for 5,000 HVAC, 5,000 Transportation, and 5,000 Roofing leads. At this stage, our primary aim was to gather data from the A&B test. This data would serve as the foundation for generating consistent and impactful results moving forward.
  • Results:

    First Client:

    This is the campaign result from the first client after a complete sequence from a single campaign.

    We generated 85+ open rates, a 6.7% Reply rate, and got 9 applicants/booked meetings after confirming the loan amount of these leads, we generated a total of 760,000 in revenue for this client..

    Second Client:

    This is the campaign result from the first client after a complete sequence from a single campaign.

    And Here are some Replies that we got,

    Up until now, we are helping them generate $1M+ rev per month while still A&B testing to improve and hit our next $5M Milestone by leveraging volume, improving CRM, and scrapping the right audience.

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