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How Our Autopilot Model Works



We Link Your Domains to the Warm-up Process, Preparing Them for Successful Mass Email Delivery.


Collecting Data

During the 2-week domain warm-up, we immerse ourselves in your industry, identifying your target audience's pain points and collecting their valuable contact information.


Email Scripts

We Skillfully Craft Persuasive scripts that Intrigue that captures attention leading to Meaningful Conversations.



Now we start sending these emails to the prospects while analyzing performance and efficiently managing replies.


Nurturing Leads

Here we Engage with Interested Prospects, Highlighting the Benefits of Your Service and Nurturing them toward a Meeting.


Booked Meetings

We Secure these Meetings in Your Calendar, Enabling Your Team to Excel at Closing the Deal.

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Results That Speak For Themselves!

Here we generated 122 leads in 3 weeks, from which 38 attended the meetings, resulting in $647,000 generated in revenue.

3-day sequence - 9 leads - 100% Show-up - $5600 generated

Present it as an opportunity rather than an offer.

Why Hire an Individual Email Marketer When You Can Have A Whole Team Of Experts?


Average Cost of an email marketer

They tend to charge higher rates, lack collaborative support, and face limitations due to time constraints.


Dependency on one person

They pose the risk of a potential single point of failure, as their unavailability can disrupt your email marketing, leading to delays and inconsistent results.


Outnumbered by Expertise

For less than the cost of an email marketer, you could gain a complete team of lead generation from Asad Catalyst

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Detailed Market Research Service For Shopify Sellers

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Achieving 48 Qualified Appointments within the ...

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16 Applicants/ week for Financing

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